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Bryan McDowell

Fiddle, Mandolin & Guitar

Bryan McDowell is a person predictable only in his consistent excellence. Fiddler, vocalist, and seducer of stringed instruments, his reputation is solidifying as a musician of great interest on the Nashvillle scene. With his move to the area in 2013, Bryan grounded his career in a 4 year tenure with Claire Lynch. He has logged considerable time on the road with bluegrass notables Sierra Hull, Alison Brown, Ron Block, & Molly Tuttle, and shared the stage and studio with an ever expanding list of legendary names from the realm of roots and acoustic music. The talents of the new master have made their way on to several recordings garnering IBMA awards, and one project receiving a Grammy nomination. Prior accolades worth mentioning are his triple win - a sweep of the fiddle, mandolin, and guitar categories - at the National Flatpicking Championship in '09, and his 21 other instrument contest titles from '09 & '10.


Fiddle Basics (Beginner): Find a good place to start with your fiddle. Learn proper technique, some fundamental bowing patterns, and avoid common bad habits.

Fiddler's Repertoire (Intermediate): Learn a bluegrass standard or two, along with potential variations and a discussion of it's underlying chords and structure.

Fiddler's Playground (Advanced): This will be a glimpse into the process of an improvising fiddler. What things to pay attention to, how to self critique while staying optimistic, and how to stay on your toes in real time.

Bluegrass Mandolin (Int/Adv): A look at the varied styles of bluegrass mandolin, some suggestions for developing your own voice, and tips for becoming a more stress free and economic player.

Guitar Phrases (Int/Adv): Examine the layout of the guitar, discover flat picking freedom developed through fiddle tunes, and learn how to unify your ears and hands.

Band Workshop - dynamics/psychology (All Levels):  See Claire Lynch description.