Eileen Carson Schatz

Movement & Dance

Eileen Carson Schatz has devoted most of her life to sharing the power and joy of traditional music and dance throughout North America and abroad. She is the Founding Director, choreographer, principal dancer and lead vocalist for Footworks Percussive Dance Ensemble which has toured since 1979, performing original productions Eileen creates for theaters and festivals internationally.  She is a song writer, performing artist, and choreographer and has received many grants and awards, including a National Endowment for the Arts Choreography Fellowship and the Maryland State Arts Council’s Individual Artist Award for Choreography. Eileen is a Certified Teaching Artist in the MD schools with expertise in arts-integration, and is a master teacher serving on staff for several venues and camps for over 38 years, including Augusta Heritage Workshops, Common Ground on the Hill, Pinewoods, and Miles of Music Camp.



Bustin’ Loose Workshop - Sunday, January 14 @ 1130am: Everyone at any level of experience and ability will enjoy moving in this class with easy and fun games and activities designed to tap into the individual's own playfulness and creativity. The class does not require learning a lot of specific moves, so students are comfortable at their own level and are energized and inspired by moving just for the fun of it, especially students who are usually focused on their instrument. Eileen has collected and created activities that anyone can do and presents them in a way that helps participants move beyond inhibitions and inspires creativity. An easy system of movement analysis that explores four different modalities of movement will loosen you up and bring renewed freedom and strength to your physical activities, including playing an instrument.  Music will be provided by Mark Schatz.

“Eileen created a safe and comfortable environment for people with varying experience and diverse backgrounds to explore physical movement and experience dance as a community activity, rather than a performance. Everyone should experience this class!” - Student from Common Ground on the Hill 

Southern Appalachian Flatfooting and Clogging Master Class - Sunday, January 14 from 2:00 - 4:00pm:  Southern Appalachian music and dance developed when Native American, Irish, Scottish, English, and African music and dance met in those mountains.  Flatfooting is the older form of making rhythm with the feet, not for performance, but found in social settings and done for pure enjoyment with individuals improvising. Clogging steps are more structured and sequences are most often danced with others. This workshop will include both styles along with steps from the many masters who influenced Eileen over the years. The workshop will also provide a perfect break for movement along with increased rhythm skills for Bluegrass and Old Time musicians who are sitting most of the day playing and focused over an instrument.  Mark Schatz, internationally renowned Americana musician, will be providing the music for the class. Mark and Eileen share the joy of keeping time with your feet and provide a fun and inspiring class. They are both highly skilled at breaking down the steps and making them accessible.  Calling all you folks who have ever wanted to try clogging! 

This Master Class is not included in the weekend registration and must be signed up and paid for separately at Brown Paper Tickets.