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Fancy That! 

2018 Falling Waters Jam Leaders

Osgood, Jankiewicz and Wobus

Curt Osgood has been playing hammered dulcimer for over 30 years performing at numerous northeast venues, including at folk festivals, coffeehouses, arts councils, and more. He performs, teaches, leads workshops and facilitates jams.  Curt has been an official jam session host for over six years now at the annual Old Songs Festival held near Albany, NY and also for the Thanksgiving Dance weekend at Rochester, NY.  He appears regularly with several contradance ensembles; including Fancy That!, Strings on the Wind, and Rosies Ready Mix, (a past featured Saturday night dance band at Old Songs Festival). His bands have played numerous NY Dance series including Dance Flurry sponsored events at Saratoga Springs.  Osgood has released three music CD's and can be heard on other projects including Public Televisions documentary "Cornell, Birth of an American University". Curt plays banjo and guitar as well.

Henry Jankiewicz has been fiddling for over 40 years; he is renowned for his skills in numerous musical genres. His first exposure was in the 70s, with the first wave of the Irish folk revival in the States, when he and his band mates shadowed and studied under several prominent Celtic fiddlers. In the 80's Henry fiddled with the touring Cranberry Lake Jug Band. The band recorded three albums on Swallowtail and Kicking Mule Records--and appeared A Prairie Home Companion. Henry also appeared with  a 7 piece ensemble that specialized in traditional jazz music winning awards for his fiddle styling. He has recorded with numerous Northeast prominent folk performers. 

John Wobus plays piano for contradances and English Country Dances and enjoys accompanying Cape Breton and Quebecois fiddlers.  John also plays fiddle at Irish sessions and other jams.  His early-life piano lessons left him with most of the skill on that instrument.  He's played through the east and midwest, including Glen Echo, NEFFA, and Old Songs Festival as well as NYS contradance festivals in Rochester, Syracuse, and Binghamton.  Bands include Contranella, Crooked Sixpence, and Fancy

Jam Tunes

Celtic Based

Cliffs of Mohar

Cold Frosty Morning

Connaughtmans Ramble

Far From Home

Father Kellys

Frosty Morning

High Reel

Julia Delaney

Kesh Jig

Masons Apron

Merry Blacksmith


Off She Goes 

Old Favorite

Out on the Ocean

Silver Spear


Star Above the Garter

Swallowtail Tail

Swinging on a Gate


The High Reel

Tim Cliffords

Tim Ward


Southern Based

Battle Cry of Freedom

Coloured Aristocracy

East Tennessee Blues

Fly Around My Pretty Little Miss

Forked Deer

Golden Slippers


Nail That Catfish

North Carolina Break Down


Rock the Cradle

Sandy River Belle

Shenandoah Falls

Spotted Pony

Year of Jubilo


French Canadian Based

Aunt Marys Canadian


Dedicoto Joe

Dusty Bob

Eddies Reel

Eddies Reel

Gliese de Sherbrook

Hommage Edmond Parizeau

La Torment

March of St Timothys

Pays de Haut

Reel St Josephs

Reel ti Me

St Annes  Reel

St Antoines  

You Married My Daughter


New England Based

Ashleys Ride



Evitte Gariel

Flying Cloud

Jamie Allen

Lady of the Lake

Over the Waterfall

Road to Boston

Rose Tree

Seneca Square Dance



Celtic Based Contra Medleys

Spootiskerry G/Tamlin Dm/ Silver Spear D

Father Kellys G/The High Reel A/

Off She Goes D  /Tim Ward G/Star Above the Garter G

Swallowtail Tail Em/Morrisons Em

Out on the Ocean G/Tim Cliffords G/Old Favorite G

Kesh JigG/Cliffs of Mohar/ Connaughtmans Ramble


Southerny Square Dance (Old Timey Based) Medleys

Nail That Catfish G/North Carolina Break Down G/East Tennessee Blues C

Rock the Cradle D/Spotted Pony D/Forked Deer

Golden Slippers/Redwing/

Year of Jubilo/ Battle Cry of Freedom

Coloured Areistocracy/Liberty/Fly Around My Pretty Little Miss


French Canadian Based Contra Medleys

Grand Chain (Gliese de Sherbrook)/Bouchards D/Hommage Hommage Parizeau

Pays de Haut D/Eddies Reel G/ Reel ti Me G

St Annes d/ Reel Antoines A/ Reel St Josephs D

Dusty Bob G/ La Torment C/Aunt Marys Canadian D (see attached)

You Married My Daughter/ Eddies Reel


General Contra Based Medleys

Far From Home G/Masons Apron A/Swinging on a Gate G

Lady of the Lake G/Julia Delaney Dm/Barrow burn D

Ashleys Ride D/ Jamie Allen G/Seneca Square

Flying Cloud G/ Evitt Gabrielle Em /Shendoah Falls A

Dedicoto Joe Bm / March of St Timothy G /

Merry Black Smith D/String of Trucks Em/ Reel One D

Road to Boston/ Rose  Tree/ Over the Waterfall

Road to Boston/Barentanze/ Cold Frosty Morning


Amelia’s Waltz

Ashokan Farewell

Boda Waltz

Dance of the Little Girls (Valse des Jeunes Filles)


Far Away

Fanny Pouers

Judy and Jims Wedding


Kentucky Waltz

Lovers Waltz

Margret’s Waltz

Midnight on the Water

My Cape Breton Home

Nans Waltz

Sheebeg and Sheemore

South Wind

Spanish Waltz

Tom Bigbee

Tennessee Waltz