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Kyle Waymouth

Celtic Guitar & Stepdancing

Kyle Waymouth is a multi-instrumentalist and a premier Ottawa-Valley style step dancer. Kyle is a five-time Canadian Open Step Dance Champion, four-time Canadian Open Group Step Dancing Champion with his group Powerhouse, and a Canadian Open Clogging Champion.

At age three, Kyle started step dancing at his mother’s dance studio, Judy’s School of Dance in Stratford, ON. He has since performed throughout North America and Europe.

Kyle was an on-stage guitar player for the 2016 Stratford Festival production of As YOU Like It. Currently, Kyle teaches music and dance at Judy’s School of Dance and performs with numerous groups including The Fitzgeralds, Shane Cook, and Dan Stacey.

Kyle's Workshop Descriptions

Intro to Drop D Accompaniment: For those with no experience with Drop D tuning (not to be confused with DADGAD), we’ll get a grasp of basic chord shapes and how to apply them to tunes!  May also be the odd tidbit of how to understand the fretboard better when constructing chords or finding notes! Adv Beg/Int

Drop D Accompaniment II: If you have some experience with Drop D or are also taking the Intro course, we’ll take some time in constructing moving bass lines and learn more difficult voicings with Drop D tuning. Int/Adv

Fancy Chords in Drop D: More likely just a continuation of the Accompaniment II course, here we’ll reinforce some of the ideas in that lesson as well as get into shapes for more swing/jazz chords in Drop D for those that really want to stretch their fingers.  Int/Adv

Picking Melodies: To break away from our accompaniment, we’ll learn to pick a melody or two and take the time to identify the chords that could be played with that melody.   Int/Adv

Intro to Canadian Step Dancing: If you’re looking for a bit more of a workout during your time at camp, come try out Step Dancing!  We’ll start with the basic terminology and work our way into a quick routine by the end of the class.  ALL LEVELS

Canadian Step Dancing II:  If you’re looking to try step dancing and you’ve taken the Intro class OR you have prior experience with Tap or Clogging, we’ll get into some more difficult steps and get a sweat on!  ALL LEVELS