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Music soothes hearts and helps people.  Ithaca-based Musicians for World Harmony offers programming that promotes memory in seniors with dementia.  It has helped young people who’ve experienced trauma to fit in to a community.  It helps people of all ages to feel better.  Music Heals.

You may know of Samite, a world-renowned recording artist who was once a refugee from his home in Uganda, and has lived in Upstate New York for many years.  Samite is also a humanitarian and founded MWH, a nonprofit organization. MWH uses music and music therapy principles to help people in desperate need.  The donation through your ticket will help support its programs that:

● Work with seniors to make memories more accessible, locally and across the country.

● Collaborate with schools and groups that serve youth who struggle, including refugees and immigrants trying to fit into new lives in Ithaca and Syracuse.

● Create projects to promote intercultural understanding between students in New York, Virginia, Rwanda and other countries.

●  Partner with the Berklee College of Music and aid centers in Uganda and Kenya to bring healing to orphans and those with AIDS.

The mission of Musicans for World Harmony is to use the healing power of music to reawaken the humanity in the hearts of displaced and distressed peoples affected by aging, disease and war in an effort to promote peace, understanding, health and harmony.