Paul Fairbanks

Bluegrass Banjo & Band 
Paul has been teaching five-string bluegrass banjo in the Central New York area since 1990.  He has played in several bands since the late 70's, including The Lehigh Valley Ramblers, Caroling Depot, Blue Country, The Urban Horse Thieves, and most recently, Grassanova.  


Basic Banjo Rolls Blown Sky High (Adv Beg/Int): We will look at 4 or 5 basic rolls and see how some minor variations open up infinite possibilities.  Open to all all levels of expertise, but it would be good to have these rolls "in your pocket":  Forward roll (TMTIMTIM),  Alternating Thumb (TITM),  Forward Backward  (TIMTMITM, Foggy Mt. Roll (IMTMTIMT), G lick roll - sometimes called forward forward backward, (TMTIMITM).  Handouts and worksheets galore.

It's Not Music Theory, It's Music Fact: Ever wonder why people shout out numbers at your local jam?  What is this I IV V stuff?? This workshop will explore chord construction (major, minor, and dominant 7th), the diatonic scale, the Nashville numbering system, and how you too can learn to transpose almost any song on the fly using 7 letters and numbers! Open to all players.  Feel free to bring your instruments, but this will be more of a discussion than a playing opportunity.  Handouts galore!

Reviewing the latest in learning software applications: We will focus primarily on Song Surgeon.  This app can import streaming music with a microphone or import files from your music library.  It will decode the chord structure and allow you to alter pitch and tempo.  It also will save "loops" that you keep for learning certain complex passages. We will look at some of the interesting features available in Tabledit, a tabwriting application. Open to all musicians. Handouts galore!

Sing-a-long and Slow-er Jams :  We used to call these "slow jams" but they've morphed into a slightly more moderate pace with lots of singing.  Stop by even if you don't play an instrument. Help us harmonize and remember the words to those long forgotten standards!  It's a great way to start your day with zero pressure and lots of fun.  We are a judgment-free zone!!