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Dave Davies

Swing Rhythm Guitar, Singing & Swing Band

Dave Davies is a talented multi-instrumentalist, singer, arranger, songwriter, and teacher from Ithaca, NY. His work in a multitude of musical styles has brought him to venues all around the US, Central America, and Europe. At home on the trombone, guitar, and upright and electric bass, you may also find him playing the tuba, ukulele, or drums. He’s been a solid member of the Northeast music scene for 25 years, playing with Jay Ungar and Molly Mason, Lindy Hop Heaven, Djug Django, The Clayfoot Strutters, Peggy Haine’s Lowdown Alligators, The B Side, The Contradictions, The Gourmet Jug Band, and leading the HotFoot Club. Dave has toured extensively as a swing and contra musician and has been a staff member at Ashokan Fiddle and Dance for over 20 years. He has a BA in music from SUNY Oswego, and studied with Bobby McFerrin at Omega Institute. Dave was director of the CSMA Jazz Ensemble for 4 years and gives classes and workshops in vocal and instrumental improvisation, music theory, and arranging, and leads ensembles of many varieties.


Vocal improv (All Levels): Through various informal and fun exercises ranging in styles, the vocal improviser in each participant will be discovered and freed, so that they can apply this new raging talent to all endeavors! Participants should prepare to challenge themselves in a safe and supportive environment with fun exercises likely using swing, blues, gospel, funk, or totally free grooves.

Swing rhythm guitar (Intermediate): In this intermediate workshop you will learn some basic four-note chords and how to move them around on the neck to accompany standard swing tunes. If time permits we may explore voicings in two octaves, to create interesting arranging possibilities.

Swing Band (All Levels): Join the Falling Waters swing band and arrange a song or two with rhythm, riffs, solos and vocals.