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Tim Ball

Fiddle & Guitar

Tim Ball has been a staple of the contra dance and Irish music scenes in western New York for the better part of a decade. An exceptionally versatile musician and relentless collaborator, he is currently performing throughout the Northeast with his Celtic trio Arise & Go, contra dance bands Tempest and Center Street, and Ithaca’s Irish session band Traonach. As a teacher or staff musician, he has been on faculty at week-long camps such as American Dance & Music week at Pinewoods (MA), the Ithaca Suzuki Institute (NY), and the Kanack School Fiddle Camp (Rochester, NY).



Tim will teach 4 of the following sessions. To be determined.

Fiddle technique (all levels): How to use your instrument efficiently to help the music you like to play sound good. Bowing, tone, intonation, shifting, dexterity, and rhythm are all potential topics - bring difficulties and questions! This will be a mini-lesson session or a workshop depending on interest.

Practical Music Theory (all levels): "Music Theory" sounds scary, but it doesn't have to be - and understanding what's going on in music helps you play it better! We’ll take a hands-on approach to scales, chords, modes, and rhythmic concepts. Bring an instrument, or your voice.

Two fiddles (Int/Adv): Learn some of the many ways that two fiddle players can have fun playing together - unison playing, harmonies, accompaniment textures, and rhythmic techniques. come experiment with us!

Introduction to Improvisation (all levels): A friendly introduction to musical improvisation and creativity, based on the idea that “there’s no such thing as a wrong note”.

New England “Chestnuts” (Int/Adv): Learn a couple of classic New England fiddle tunes, which have been played for contra dancing for centuries.

Strategies for Learning Tunes (Int): Discover ways to catch a tune and make it stick. Bring your own ideas to share. And of course, we'll learn some tunes!

Beginning guitar for accompanying fiddle tunes (Adv. Beg/Int): Explore some of the basics of playing guitar for backing up fiddle tunes - good rhythm, chords, and most importantly, listening.